Monday, December 17, 2012


This week was sweet! Monday we had FHE with the A. family and with a member family. It was way fun. We had planned on watching a movie, but their dvd player was broken so we managed to make up a short lesson and played games. If you mess up during the game you get someone gets to wipe charcoal on your face, so that's why we have black stuff on our faces in the pictures. Tuesday was my 1st zone meeting. It was sweet to all get together and talk about how our zone could be more effective. At night we had another FHE with Sister Aileen. She was awesome and cooked us a ton of food. Her little girls were way funny, and we made some way good fruit salad. Wednesday we went out to Sooc (the poorer side of our area) and had lessons there. We went to this kid named John Rey. He's this awesome 12 year old kid. He invited us in and offered us snacks. He was like an adult hosting us. The kids here are the best. Then we taught a new investigator family. At first the mom was way against us teaching her. When we went back and she got to know us she had a huge turn around. They are an awesome family! We gave the daughter a pamphlet last time, and when we saw here this time she had finished the pamphlet and answered all the questions on the back. They were definitely prepared to be taught. :) Thursday was my one month anniversary being in the Philippines. Kind of a lame day though. We got punted everywhere. It was really hard to find someone to teach this day. Everyone was out doing something else. Friday I ate some quail eggs for lunch, and then we went out to Sooc again. An old member sister insisted on giving us snacks, and she wouldn't let us leave. So me, another member that was working with us, and my companion ended up having snacks with her anyways. This lady is old... and buang (Crazy) She gave us some noodles and eggs that were probably sitting outside for a while because they were covered in ants. My companion just took the ants off, and the member just ate the eggs. I ended up telling her that I just don't like eggs. I really didn't want to offend her, and hopefully I didn't ha. There was a brown out (power out) for a couple of hours this night so a lot of the people we wanted to teach ended up sleeping instead. Sunday night we went to some boys birthday party in the other Elders area. It was way fun. They had a ton of food pancit, rice, chicken, and cake. It felt like I haven't had cake forever!
Palangga taka!
Mahal Kita!
Elder Sparks

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