Monday, December 17, 2012


So for this week I'm kind of out of time to write everything... I'll just tell you the highlights. We have 7 investigators with a baptism date. Two amazing families that have more faith than a lot of the members I've met. We have a baptism this Saturday with an eight year old named Michael Angelo. Fiesta and All Saints Day were interesting, but I totally miss all the kids running around in Halloween costumes. My companion and I bought some candy and gave some to the kids we visited that day. There is this kid in one of our areas that has a mom who was off on some other island and his dad is a jeepney driver. So he is basically home alone all day everyday.. He has to find food in the dumpsters, and he's had a fever for the past couple of weeks, but there's just no one to take care of him. Anyways this week his mom came home, so my companion and I were really happy about that. We're trying to get her to start listening to the lessons. We had a trainers meeting this week, and I got to see all my buddies from my batch from the MTC. That was fun! A ton of them lost weight, and my old Companion Elder Rau had some massive stomach issues from drinking water out of the sink. HAHA I thought it was pretty funny. This week has been great though and the work in our area is progressing a ton. I'm stoked to see what this week has to offer.

It was one of the member’s birthday so he took us to smallville for dinner. Smallville is like the night life of Iloilo, so that was way awesome and fun. We ate a hotel probably the nicest place I’ve seen since I’ve been in the Philippines. The food was the best! It was awesome to have this huge feast at this fancy restaurant. It felt like we were high rollerz or something ha. We also did some service this week. One of our investigators has this awesome bamboo house with a Christmas tree in front of it, but with no decorations. So we decided to decorate Filipino style. With spray paint, trash, and a bamboo star! That was a fun experience.

Mahal kita!!
Elder Sparks

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