Monday, September 17, 2012

Kamusta ang mga pamiliya kag mga abyan ko!!
I didn't even know it was September 11th until the devotional at 7:00pm when the speaker talked about the day. Nothing too exciting happened during the day. Had a good study sesh.. and a good workshop. We had to teach investigators how to pray. One of the role plays I had to do was with a lady who was addicted to meth. I used Alma 7:11-12 to teach her about the atonement and Christ's love for us. During class we learned some shortcuts with the language that I wish I knew earlier! They would've helped out the last 6 weeks! I had to conduct my last district review meeting today. My three weeks were up and I was released as district leader. NO MORE MEETINGS. Halellujah!
Pinaka-dabest day! We got to go to the outside world!! Elder Rau and I used our get out of jail free card this day. I had to get my permanent retainer glued back on, and we decided this was the day to do it. This was our first time out in the Real World for 5 weeks. Excited Gid Kami. Getting in a car felt wierd.. We were in it for a whole 6 minutes and Elder Rau and I both felt car sick. When we got to the orthodontist we were able to hear REAL music playing out of the office! It was great!! Heard some Andy Grammar, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Carrie Underwood, I was even stoked to her Call me maybe! Made me realize how much I've missed music and my Iphone. We also got to talk to REAL people! Not all the MTC robots we see everyday. We were actual missionaries walking around the city.. It was kind of wierd. We could've proselyted and handed out Book of Mormons if we wanted to. The procedure cost $72 for them to glue something to my teeth.. 5 Weeks ago I would've complained, but on that day it was soo worth it! The only sister in our district left for the field this day too. She helped our district a lot and will do great. It was such a nice break from the normal routine to see what outside of the MTC looks like.
Thursday was a good day. Started the day off with gym then study then class. I started the book "Our Heritage". It's an interesting book about the pioneers and all the past prophets. If you haven't read it. Do it! I've read more than I've ever read in my entire life here.. It's kind of the only thing you can do tho hah. I got a wedding invite from the Harts. Congrats Scott! Hope you have an awesome wedding. Sucks i can't go even though it's only twenty minutes away. TRC was tight. I learned a new slang word from a BYU student who served in Iloilo. Ooso... or something like that. It means "new style". "May ara ka sang ooso?" Do you have style? He told me thats the phrase all the teenage filipino's would tell him. The lesson we taught him about church went really well! Maayo Adlaw!
We taught Robert about tithing today. The word for envelope is amot.. and the word for monkey and boss is amo... During the lesson I kept leaving the "T" off the word, so I'm pretty sure he thinks that every month he has to give a monkey to his bishop. He was super confused... (good thing he's not a real investigator). I'm going to try my best to not make that mistake in the field.
Saturday's are long because we have six hours of class. Most of the day was spent studying and teaching. I learned some awesome phrases and words tho that I used during volleyball and basketball. "ano gusto mo" what you want! " ano ka himo " what you going to do. and the word takalan-Cocky. Haha
Sunday was so nice because I didn't have to go to any district leader meetings. The whole day was spent listening to talks, studying, and watching mormon messages. The CES talk that Elder Holland spoke in last week was really good. I learned that in this dispensation as Latter-day Saints were done running. Were ready to fight Babylon. Really inspiring. The speaker at the Fireside told us about the Mormon Play that made misisonaries look like idiots... He showed us a clip and you could tell the entire MTC wanted to turn it off. It was pretty bad... But then he told us how the church was using it to its advantage. Just another testament to me that the church is true. Why else would satan try soo hard to atttack it??

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