Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elder Rau and I almost had to move out today. I guess they wanted to take out the extra bed in our residence and move it somewhere else. It was kinda sad cause we didn't want to leave our Tagalog speaking roommates. Our lesson didn't go so hot today either. The devotional was good though it focused on the importance of temples and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

I can't believe it's only been three months since my birthday. It feels like that was forever ago. Today was an interesting day. We got a new teacher because our old one is going to teach the new Hilyguynon speaking district coming on Wednesday. Sister Burton is really nice, and her investigator is a lot nicer than our old one Robert. Our first lesson with her went okay.. I feel like it could've gone better if we asked more questions. Today we actually did have to move out. Elder Rau, Elder Reynolds, Elder Garner, and I all had to move up a floor. The cool part was we were all put in the same room and the room is a ton more roomier ha. We inherited a mini nerf basketball hoop which was a nice touch to our humble abode. I'm going to miss our old roommates, but we've been with Elder Reynolds and Garner since our first day here. So were all basically family now. One of our old roomies asked me to give him a blessing because he wasn't feeling too hot. That was a good experience for both of us. He's doing a lot better now.

Waking up was wala kasadyahan (NO FUN) today. Hardly got any sleep because we stayed up too late moving, playing with our mini hoop, and talking. It ended up being a good day though. Elder Rau and I bore our testimonies to some random elders and I got a package from my mama! It's funny how Letters and packages make or break a day here. I love my family and friends.

IPhone 5? What?? Elder Garner said his dad just ordered one. Pretty crazy.. I bet the IPhone 9 is going to be out by the time I'm off my mish. Today we taught Sister Burton's investigator again. This lesson was tons better than the last one. I memorized the First Vision in Illongo and used it during the lesson. I learned something cool about the word humility in Illongo today. The word for humility is "pagkamisinulundon" Directly translated it means without pride, or to lose pride. I thought that was pretty cool.

Nothing too special happened today. Joel's lesson went great. Overall great day with my district. I feel a lot more confident with the language and doctrine now that there are new Hilyguynon learners that we help teach. Just shows me how much we've grown in such little time.

We got to watch the Brigham City temple dedication today. That was pretty cool! There are 138 running temples in the world today! Pretty sweet! I finished my little tabbed out Book of Mormon project too. It has taken me a whole six weeks, but it looks great and is going to be a huge help to someone someday. It was a great Sunday spent listening to conference talks and firesides. We also got to watch the Joseph Smith video tonight. Most action I've seen in a LONG Time.

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